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Dr. Kristin Kushmider

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Favorite pose: Child's Pose / Balasana

Pets: Loyal Siberian Husky Lover of Kitana and another rescue on his way!

Interests: Aromatherapy, menopause transition, mental wellbeing


Hobbies: Camping!!! Just bought a retro 1982 Serro Scotty camper van for a long summer roadtrip

About Kristin

Dr. Kushmider has a background in mental health and has been practicing yoga for 15 years as a method to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Research shows that having a consistent yoga practice can effectively reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve mental wellness. Dr. Kushmider recently received her 200YTT certification in the fall of 2022 in the hopes of sharing the gift of yoga with others living with mental health challenges and sypmtoms of hormone imbalances related to perimenopause and menopausal transition. Dr. Kushmider's other interestes include Aromatherapy, camping, traveling, and supporting local Siberian Husky rescues

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