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Natalie Bruce

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Location: Tenerife, Spain

Hobbies: Freediving, Travel, Rock Climbing, Exploring

Nerds out on: Anything that has to do with freediving and holding my breath 

Book recommendation: Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, I Contain Multitudes, Siddhartha

About Natalie

Natalie’s yoga practice started in her closet, literally. During her time at university as a Kinesiology student, she did yoga to calm her hectic mind and improve flexibility in her tiny little city apartment. A few years after graduating, Natalie moved to Northern Thailand and found a yoga teacher who guided her past the surface level relationship she had with yoga. Now, Natalie has found so much joy in sharing what she has learned to improve the lives of others. She believes that connection and relationship with others is the best way to deepen the connection and relationship with ourselves.
Classes are warm, supportive and strengthening with clear instructions on alignment. Focus on breath and body connection, meditation and pranayama. All levels are welcome!

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