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Mike Peterson

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Location: San Diego, California

Ask me About: The biodiversity of San Diego County

Hobbies: Writing, reading, hiking, spending time in nature, and playing music

Book Recommendations: Braiding Sweetgrass, Do Your Om Thing, Living Your Yoga, and Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Favorite Asana: Pigeon or Downward-facing Dog

About Mike

Mike is a writer, nature enthusiast, and yoga and meditation teacher based in California. He is passionate about making yoga understandable and accessible, and bringing the practice to as many people as possible.

Mike found yoga a decade ago, though he started it as “just another workout.” Since then, the practice of posture, breath, and meditation has truly changed his life. He received his 200-hour yoga teaching certification in 2020, and went back for another 300-hour training in 2021.

When he’s not teaching yoga, Mike is a public relations and marketing professional. He lives in San Diego with his wife.

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