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Stefana Masic

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Location: Croatia

Stefana will soon be teaching yoga as she sails through Croatia.  Interested in joining her crew?   Learn more.



About Stefana

Stefana is a multi-passionate yogi here to create a lasting impact on creativity & consciousness. In addition to being a yoga teacher, she is also an artist & musician and loves using yoga to explore her inner landscape to broaden and expand her creativity as a result.

 She loves teaching ALL formats (from yoga sculpt to super lazy restorative) and loves to incorporate meditation, breathwork, dance, and even astrology into her classes. As a musician & DJ, she also makes sure to curate all her playlists to fit the vibe of the class.

She strives to have the transformation of the individual through movement and connection to self as the common factor in all her classes. She wants you to feel stronger, more playful, and tapped into your most cosmic self after leaving her classes.

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