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Reilly O'Brien

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Location: California

Favorite pose: I love a good heart opener. Wheel is one of the most energizing poses for me.

Most challenging pose: Chair (Utkatasana)

Hobbies: Collage, Art, Scuba Diving, Pilates, Fitness

Fun Fact: Headed to Bali for divemaster training and marine conservation and research

About Reilly

Meet Reilly, a passionate individual who has embraced the mind-body connection through yoga since 2018. She finds joy in the challenge of physically working on a pose while also strengthening her mind through breathwork and meditation. In her practice, she experiences a constant ebb and flow where no day is alike. In her free time, she loves traveling to new destinations and immersing herself in different cultures. Reilly is always seeking new experiences and growth, both on and off the mat.

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