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Trish Uzquiano

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Location: San Diego, California

Ask me About: gypsy life

Hobbies: travel, adventures with my dog, audiobooks

Favorite Asana: Kundalini Circles

Book RecommendationsA New Earth, Becoming Supernatural, and A Course in Miracles Made Easy

About Trish

Trish started yoga as another workout routine, but the practice slowly sparked a lifestyle change.  She believes meditation heals the mind and the physical practice heals the body.  Trish takes a slow and steady approach to yoga. Her classes incorporate breathwork, meditation, fluid movement, long holds, and crystal singing bowls.  

Trish is a ten-year special education teacher specializing in behavior disorders.  She has a bachelor's in criminal justice, a master's in special education, and principal certification. She obtained yoga certification in the jungle of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. During her time in the jungle, she lived in a treehouse, meditated with horses, and joined a tribe of howler monkeys.

Trish works as a virtual special education teacher. She lives as a digital nomad traveling with her pup. 

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